Where Are The Best Folk And Roots Music Festivals?


While folk and roots music festivals can be found all over the globe, some will inevitably be better than others. This can be due to the size of the event, the number and variety of the bands that are playing, or just the overall atmosphere. Anyone who wants to attend such festivals would of course want to know which of them would offer the best chance of attaining enjoyment.


So just to give you some idea as to what amazing folk and roots music festival events are out there, here’s a list that you can use for reference. Bear in mind that these might cost more than something like a Cheap Night Amsterdam stay.


Vancouver Folk Music Festival


An incredible experience, especially for those who like Canadian folk music, the Vancouver Folk Music Festival is held annually every third weekend of the month of July. It’s been attended by so many amazing singers and is often host to some up and coming performers that you might like.


Summerfolk Music And Crafts Festival


Held annually in Owen Sound, Ontario, this electrifying music event has played host to some of the most influential performers from across the globe. Although the event doesn’t restrict the kind of music played at the event, with most types being welcomed and performed, it’s still an incredible festival for those who like folk music.


Celtic Connections


For those who are fans of more Celtic folk songs and performers, the Celtic Connections is a must attend event. The gathering is often held in January and would usually involve over 300 concerts. That’s a lot of music performances to get through.


Cambridge Folk Festival


The Cmabridge Folk Festival was established in 1965 with Cherry Hinton Hall in Cherry Hinton as the venue. This is an event that can introduce you to an eclectic world of folk music better than when you Shop Online. Now, it’s worth pointing out that this event can have a pretty loose interpretation of what qualifies for folk music. On the other hand, this could also lead to some pretty interesting experiences.